Moving Companies Pro Tricks for Packing

As you know moving process consists of three main parts: packing, relocation, unpacking and the last one depend on the first one. So if you pack everything efficiently, you will be able to unpack your home at a new location without any problems. The important question then is how to pack effectively? The answer is in the right order. Below you can find six tips for pro packing from moving companies experts.
1. Supplies. Think of what you may need to pack your home. The basics include boxes (both plastic and cardboard), bubble wrap, tape, permanent markers, and trash bags. Boxes can be found for free at a local store, everything else is available at your nearest dollar store.
2. Make a checklist. Before you began packing and relocation in general you created a checklist for every step of your relocation. Now it’s time to make one for all your belongings. Go through all your items and choose which ones you take to the new place, which ones can be donated or given to friends, and which ones must be thrown away. The more things you leave behind, the less your moving cost will be.
3. First packing. At this point you can pack all items that you can live without. Pack seasonal equipment, some old games that you cherish, photo albums, books, clothes, etc. The more you can pack now, the easier the following steps will be. Make sure that you pack room by room to avoid mess.
4. Second packing. At his point you need to pack the “emergency kit” for the first couple of days and months of living. You won’t be able to make everything easy-to-reach, so think of what is more important at a new place.
5. Third packing. And during the final packing collect everything you used up till the last moment. This includes your hygiene products and clothes as well as some food and basic kitchenware.
6. Trash. At he final stage go through your home and throw away the mess you left behind. Even though at this point you get rid of useless stuff, still pay attention to what you are throwing. Sometimes in the hectic moments of packing people throw away extremely valuable and dear things.
Once you are done with packing, just wait for the moving company representatives to relocate your belongings and start a new life without looking back. Remember to mark all boxes and bags that you pack to facilitate unpacking in your new home.

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